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Different types of shooting in basketball

One of fundamental things in playing basketball is the correct shooting technique. It is possible to lead round somehow good rivals, to give exact passes, to play the case, but without this closing stage of the attack your team will not gather enough points to win a victory in the game. Want to learn how to shoot in a correct way? Our mentors detail studied this question and is ready to provide to you several recommendations on this fundamental basketball subject.

Free throw shot

Free throw shotFor a start, we will consider the basic equipment of all basketball shots – free throw shooting technique. The ball has to be at the level of a breast (feet can settle down on one line or one leg is pushed a little forward) is kept by fingers, elbows at a trunk, legs in knee joints are slightly bent, a trunk direct, the look is directed to a basket. Along with roundabout of a ball (as in simultaneous transfer) and still big bending of legs in knee joints the ball is brought to a breast. Without stopping the movement, the ball is taken out along a trunk in the direction of a ring and the overflowing movement of brushes up-forward, giving to a ball, the return movement is issued from finger-tips, legs at the same time become straight. Body weight is transferred on ahead the standing leg, the body and hands have to accompany flight of a ball. After release of a ball the player comes back to a starting position. Not all players are capable to learn these skills and you can see live examples in NBA where guys are making millions of dollars and are the best players in the world but have a terrible free throw shooting percentage.

Known good technique is called tree step before you shoot. First get yourself a nice basketball ball with a good grip. Now let’s start with actual practice, it is necessary to rise on the free throw line of the court, it is a little obliquely in relation to a basket. It is necessary to take couple of steps for running start, at the same time without forgetting to conduct a ball. As soon as you feel that you dispersed already enough, take one long step the right leg. The ball at this moment already has to be in hands. After that the short step by a rift from a heel on a sock the left leg is carried out. At the same time, you do pushing away by the left leg, a move right and carrying out of a ball over the right shoulder so that it lay on the right hand, and left supported sideways. In the highest point of a jump the hand becomes straight up to the end in an elbow joint, the throw comes to an end with the overflowing movement of a brush. After release of a ball the player lands on both legs. The description of the free throw shooting technique in the movement is given for the players shooting on the right side. In a situation with pass at the left, respectively, everything becomes on the contrary: you do the first long step left-legged, and the second – right.

As a rule, in the free throw shooting technique from three steps one more way to throw a ball in a basket – a throw from a board is applied. Its essence consists that, being at an angle in relation to a board, it is quite difficult to throw a ball directly in a ring. Here we are come to the rescue by the white square line drawn on a board around a handle of a ring. It is rather simple to train the shooting technique from a side. For this purpose, it is necessary to rise within the penal platform, at an angle in 45 degrees in relation to a board. To throw a ball from this situation, it is necessary to get to the next to us the top corner of the square line on a board. That is, if you are to the left of a ring, throw into the region of the left top corner of this square and if on the right – that in right. Everything is quite simple and clear.

Jump shot

In general, the basic the throw equipment on a ring of the rival in basketball is the throw in a jump. As a rule, this way players try to hit the target from a long range. This type of a throw can be divided into three stages conditionally. At first you have to get a ball in the movement. Having caught it, you take a short stopping step left, in passing putting right. Then you take out the right hand (if you the right-handed person) a ball over the head, in passing holding it sideways left. You carry out pushing away from the earth both legs. The equipment of the throw is similar to technology of performance of a penalty: at ball deflation from hands you remove left, and fingers of the right palm you give to a shell the return rotation. In a closing stage, it is necessary to track that the distance between points of pushing away and a landing was approximately equal to 20-30 centimeters not to face the player of defending team.

jump shoot


If you already trained all above-mentioned technicians of shots and are eager for something more abrupt, that time to address, perhaps, the most spectacular, but at the same time and to the most difficult way to strike the opponent’s ring – a slam-dunk. Millions of fans of basketball worldwide every time come to a condition of full ecstasy when see professionally made and beautiful throw from above. You want to be the same cool performer of this element that rivals on the platform were afraid of you, and the girls who are among the audience went crazy from your person? Then the following description of the equipment of a throw from above will help you to achieve it.

allstar slam dunk

Correct slam-dunk begins with that, as it is bright from three steps – from running start. Take the allowed two steps, conducting a ball to hand and operating the approach. Jump from the leading leg, opposite to the beating hand, extend a hand towards a ring and throw a ball into a grid. For a start try to make a throw one hand as the two-handled tank demands higher jump. Trainers recommend to begin to train to the technician of a throw from above with smaller ball as it is a little easier to control it. Watch videos of the best all star weekend dunks of all time and see what kind of magic can happen there.

Also, there is very important point with a landing. It is necessary to do it with a support on both legs, softening and bending them at the time of a touch to the platform. Experts extremely do not advise beginners to mow under stars of NBA, hanging after dunking on a handle of a rim as at this moment at you balancing can be broken and will seem to you that you fall back, this trauma is common even to NBA players.

Actually, it also is several basic the techniques of shooting in basketball by means of which 90% of balls are thrown. Now your problem, dear fans of this beautiful sport – to train them that your rivals had no uniform chance of a winning!

Wish you great progress!

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