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How to dribble the ball better

Dribbling – the second way of movement of a basketball on the court after passing. Many coaches are negative to excessive dribbling on a glade, reasoning it with the fact that only the pass is able to afford to play fast pace basketball and to develop cunning combinations. There is an element of truth in their words, certainly. Many players draw a ball on themselves and “clatter” them constantly while it would be much more reasonable to give a pass. Without maintaining basketball all the same anymore not basketball therefore today we will talk about how to comprehend this game element and of course how to perfect it, so read on.

Technology of dribbling

Dribbling in basketball consists in movement of the player with a ball on the platform and simultaneous commission of alternate rebounds of a ball from a floor by means of one hand. In other words, you knock a ball on a floor, and it jumps aside and comes back. Technology of dribbling in basketball not difficult, but it is good to conduct a ball dependently not to each player. The matter is that the opponent in any second can take away him from you or just beat out. Maintaining a basketball is mainly used to transfer it to others half or to outplay the opponent with the subsequent throw of a ball. Remove a ball by means of dribbling to minimize risk of loss by long transfer and to give time to team mate to take positions in the opponent’s half of the field. All of them know that big players mainly badly drive a ball and it is easy to take away it from them. And not only because of the growth (at tall persons the ball jumps aside above and it is easier for little players to beat out it). The matter is that big fulfill maintaining a little, having concentrated only at work under a ring, selections, fight for a position. On the one hand, so in basketball are cast in team. With another, high-quality possession of technology of dribbling will add to your universality as to the player and will allow to create much more serious threat to the opponent.

Training in dribbling – continuous practice. On the street, at workouts, at the games. The more you drive a ball, the it will be better to turn out at you. It is the first truth. The second truth is in driving a ball without looking at it. it is especially important for playing which can conduct a ball and at the same time analyze a situation on the platform instantly to give a pass or to order a combination. Quicker to learn dribbling in the basketball it is necessary to do various exercises also. We recommend to give before each training up to 15 minutes to working off of maintaining using special glasses for maintaining working off which close the review below so the dribbler does not see a ball and learns to feel it.

Exercises for working out skills of dribbling

  1. Usual maintaining. Before a training when the organism is not warmed yet, it is possible to work over dribbling with run and to kill two hares at the same time.
  2. Maintaining by two balls. This very useful exercise, but for obtaining the maximum effect it is necessary to alternate a way of maintaining: with a simultaneous rebound of two balls, with variable. It is possible to throw the second ball with other rhythm.
  3. Dribbling by the back and side. Try to move a ball and to make at the same time shuttle run on the platform, or horizontal movements.
  4. Constant dribbling. Even outside the basketball hall or the platform conduct a ball. Mother asked to meet from a stop – walk with a ball there. You meet on couple games in streetball friends in 3 blocks from the house – walk on foot and knock with a ball. Dribbling on uneven surfaces especially effectively develops your coordination.

On the Internet, it is full of manuals and other grants on dribbling which recommend to carry out one, two, three, ten exercises which will give you the chance to become the first-class dribbler. For example, some recommend to sit down on a chair and to drive a ball sitting between legs or to constantly twist a ball between legs with rebound height in 10-15 cm. Such exercises by all means will give a certain effect as technology of dribbling in basketball can be quite different. But whether they will become useful at the real game? Perhaps, on streetball party or a show of freestylers, but not in an official match. Work these exercises on the discretion. Our team recommends the following video with the forward of Indiana Pacers Paul George who shares dribbling secrets.

First of all, Paul focuses attention on that in the course of maintaining always to keep a hand over a ball (but not under it) and to work actively as a brush with use of small pillows of fingers (but not all palm). It is necessary to sit down as it is possible more deeply to conduct a ball at minimum possible height. When dribbling, it is possible to make the crossover (crossover), that is to transfer a ball from one hand on another. The body at the same time keeps direct situation, and eyes look forward. The following element of dribbling which is actively applied in games – the translation of a ball between legs. It is very important to do this translation so that the body settled down directly with the leg exposed forward and a good lay down. The translation behind the back is also often used by basketball players. In essence it is similar to the crossover, only the rebound of a ball is made behind the back. Paul George often uses a turn during dribbling with change of a hand. It is extremely important to learn to carry out these exercises so that not to look at a ball, and to see all platform ahead of itself. It is a huge bonus to your speed and reaction to the events in the field. work these 4 basic elements of dribbling before each training and already very soon progress will be very good.

In the field of you someone will always sponsor and prevent to make dribbling quietly. Therefore, it is necessary to conduct a ball near itself, partially covering with the case and the second hand. Always conduct a ball a hand, distant from the opponent, and the second – literally – block his (her) hand from attempts to beat out a ball.

We sum up the results. Dribbling (dribbling) in basketball are movements of basketball players on the platform with a ball. Ability to cool conduct balls allows to become much more dangerous player. However, to learn it is good to drive it is necessary to practice constantly: in the hall, on the platform and just on streets. A ball it is necessary for a message as low as possible, without looking at it and constantly covering from the opponent with the case and other hand. Carry out a basic set of exercises for dribbling at each training, and then the ball will become your best friend in life and on the platform.

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