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Different types of shooting in basketball

One of fundamental things in playing basketball is the correct shooting technique. It is possible to lead round somehow good rivals, to give exact passes, to play the case, but without this closing stage of the attack your team will not gather enough points to win a victory in the game. Want to learn how to shoot in a correct way? Our mentors detail studied this question and is ready to provide to you several recommendations on this fundamental basketball subject. Finish reading “Different types of shooting in basketball

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Best Crossovers in Basketball: Advice From Pros

The crossover – one of basic ways to outrun of the rival by means of dribbling. Its essence consists in that during dribbling sharply to change the direction of the movement (often by means of a deceptive feint). The forward gets advantage because the defender needs time to be arranged and be in time for attacking, or it “is conducted” on the deceptive movement. Despite the simplicity, it is very difficult to make the cool crossover on a platform therefore today we also will share important councils for its training.

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Offense in basketball: the basics

Shooting accuracy – a basic unit of basketball which allows to score points and to fight for desired superiority in a match. In official basketball game, lasting 48 minutes each of teams makes on average about 100 attacks per game. There are various variations of attack in basketball, however, in this article we will be focused on the basic concepts and basic classification.


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Categories: Fundamentals, Offense