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How to start playing basketball? The basics

spaldingballBasketball for the beginning players can seem rather difficult game, despite the simple purpose – to hammer a ball into a basket. Complexity of game consists in a set of nuances, such as: the correct dribbling, blocking of players, the technician it is bright, distribution on a playground – all this is bases for successful game in basketball.

Basketball basics

To learn to play basketball it is necessary to remember five main components:

  • Ball shooting. To win in basketball rather simply – it is necessary to hammer as much as possible balls into a basket of the rival and not to allow the return. It is necessary to train to the technician of a throw from various positions, provisions of a body, with use of a rebound from a board and without, with a stop and in the movement.
  • Keep an eye. Movement of the player with a ball within a platform possibly only with periodical (no more 2kh steps) blow of a ball about a floor. Maintaining by two hands, and also a bringing is forbidden. Ball rebound size from a floor when maintaining should not exceed growth of the player. The beginning basketball player needs to train in dribbling by both hands, paying to it attention only lateral sight.
  • Passing. One of the main tactics of game in basketball is the principle “transferred – opened”. Even the fastest person cannot move on a platform with a speed of flight of a ball. After a pass the partner needs to reach at once the corresponding position for reception or to provide a free throw, pass to a board. Game in a pass is the basic principle of game in basketball.
  • Rebounds. Most coaches have a question “How to win the game in basketball?” answer: “It is necessary to win a board”, thereby meaning that the ball has to remain in possession of team even after commission of an unsuccessful throw. The number of selections of a ball at a rebound from a board is very important indicator in as in statistics of each player, and team in general.
  • Movement without ball. At every moment of ball game there is only one basketball player. Actions of other team players are directed on a successful completion of attack, and rivals on selection, interception and an obstacle to a throw.


How to play basketball the right way?

To learn it is well to play basketball the following councils will help:

  • Fully involve all your teammates. Certainly, as well as at other game sports there are leaders here. However, it is always worth remembering the phrase quite applicable to basketball: “One man is no man!”.
  • Play rigidly, but by rules. Tall persons with good physical data will have incomparable advantage in fight. Undersized players can win at the expense of speed, good technology of dribbling and a throw.
  • Never argue with the judge. Hardly you will manage to cancel the decision of the judge, the most perspective result will be probity a technical throw for conversation.
  • Train all aspects of game: an exact throw, dribbling, a high jump, try to carry out interceptions, blocked shots.
  • Think. Tactics in game takes not the last place.

Where to play basketball?

The sports hall with a parquet covering, plastic boards and rings will be the best place for game in basketball, of course. Street basketball is more injury-causing owing to what make corresponding changes to rules of the game.

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