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The Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame Museum

Hall Of Fame – the phenomenon, very significant for Americans. Whether it be hockey, baseball or as in this case, the basketball, the hall of fame of concrete sport is the real temple keeping in themselves the memory of those people who left a considerable mark in sports history.

Hall of Fame Night

The hall of fame was created in the homeland of basketball in the city of Springfield, State of Massachusetts where in 1891 the games-master of local college James Naismith held a game between two teams of students which became a prototype of modern basketball. It is no wonder that in honor of Naismith and the basketball hall of fame was called. It was based in 1959 by Li Williams who was the sporting director of college Colby in Springfield. In 9 years the Hall of fame officially opened the doors for visitors. Therefore, on February 17, 1968 it is considered official date of opening of the Hall of fame of basketball of James Naismith though in 1959 names of Naismith and outstanding players of those years from which It is necessary to distinguish a legend of Lakers were brought in the Hall of fame, settling down at that time in Minneapolis, George Mikan.

Springfield soon became Mecca of basketball where all admirers of this game, and players, trainers were flown down, judges and functionaries of clubs considered for a great honor to be included in the list of members of the Hall of fame. In the late seventies, when Magic Johnson and Larry Byrd’s opposition only gained steam, and young Michael Jordan just was going to become the team leader of the University of North Carolina, heads of the Hall of fame and local authorities began to think of expansion. Therefore in 1985 the Hall of Fame found the new building already separately from a campus near the business center of Springfield.

James Naismith

James Naismith

Soon there comes Jordan’s era which changed upside down understanding about a game and made basketball incredibly popular outside America. The period from 1984 to 2003, apart from 5 years of a break in Michael’s career in 1993-1995 and 1998-2001, in the Hall of fame included such outstanding players and coaches such as John Havlicek, Pete Maravich, Rick Barry, Nate Archibald, Larry O’Brien, Julius Erving, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and other not less worthy persons. It is necessary to notice that the Hall of fame of basketball has important difference from the hockey, football and baseball fellows: fans and Europeans can enter him.

2002 when on the project of the New York architects the new building in ultramodern style was built became one more important milestone in the history of the Hall of fame of Naismith. The main part is made by the big sphere which kind of is partially driven in the earth and causing associations with a basketball. On inside of the sphere displays with portraits of members of the Hall of fame settle down. This sphere is spliced with the big case where there are in the basic service premises. Near the building of the Hall of fame the high obelisk at which top there is a basketball concluded in three rings is located. All this magnificence with nightfall is covered with beautiful illumination.


It is a little about conditions of the entry into the Hall of fame. New participants are approved at annual sessions. There are established rules by which materials of candidates are considered. Also, there are committees where there take place votes. The player is a candidate for the 6th year after end of the career. The candidacy of the trainer is considered in two cases: for the 6th year after career ending, and for the 26th year of his operating trainer’s career. Judges – similar to trainers. The candidacy of functionaries of clubs is considered for the significant contribution to development of basketball.

Hall of Fame from inside

Representatives of candidates submit the application, addressed to the president of Hall of Fame. Further the application passes the first stage of vote in Initial committee. The initial committee consists of representations:

  1. North American representation (9 people),
  2. Women’s representation (7 people),
  3. Veteran representation (7 people),
  4. International representatives (7 people).

It is enough to candidate to take 7 of 9 or 5 of 7 voices of any representation.

The second, main stage of vote passes in presence of those who are already entered in the Hall of fame, basketball functionaries, members of the media and other representatives of basketball. In total – more than 100 people. The candidate needs to collect 18 votes to become a part of history of basketball.

The improbable design of the project allowed today’s Basketball Hall of fame to become of Naismith the worthy house for the historical moments of basketball and more than 300 of his heroes.

Here is some speeches pf legendary basketball players joining Hall of Fame:

Michael Jordan

John Havlicek

Karl Malone

Larry Bird

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